If you’ve ever been to a casino, then there’s one electronic device you must have come across – that is the slot machine. Basically, slot machines contain various combinations of different images which are present in threes. A player hits the “jackpot” when the same image appears on the 3 reels along the pay line.

Originally, slot machines were intended to serve as a mere distraction in casinos, while the table games (blackjack, roulette, etc.) were considered the “real” gambling games, since it required a reasonable amount of money, skill and knowledge. However, over the years, the slot machine seems to have risen in prominence and even gets more players in comparison to the popular table games.

The principal reasons for the increased acceptance of slot machines include it’s low financial commitment while playing (you only need a few bucks to play), as well as the fact that no real technical or gambling knowledge is required to play – it is purely a game of luck!

In the past, machine slots used to be purely mechanical in nature, with metal levers controlling the metal slides that roll until it is automatically stopped by the braking system. But for a few decades now, the machine has become computerized.

However, despite the computerization of slot machines, the basic operational principles still remain the same. In order to play, you need a metal coin, which you’re going to “slot” into the machine. As the coin enters, the braking system becomes released, making the machine ready to work. Next, you pull the metal handle on the machine and the reels begin to rotate randomly. At preset times, the reels begin to stop one by one, displaying a picture. If all the reels (usually 3) display the same picture, then the player has won.

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