Irrespective of what kind of gamer you are or the motivation behind the games you play, one thing is certain, you must possess game awareness – that is, of course, if you desire to win as regularly as humanly possible. Being maximally aware during any game involved engaging all your senses and making sure that they’re working at full capacity at that moment in time.

The history of gaming awareness can be predated to the beginning of games itself – dateless! From time immemorial, it has always been the rule that when playing any kind of game, the player must exhibit some level of focus in order to stand any chance of winning the game.

Although games like blackjack seem to be luck-based, some true masters who have developed a high level of awareness tend to have more success rate while playing. Simple clues on the opponents’ faces like eye movement, facial expressions and body posture tend to give away important information that can change your “fortune.”

When you think about it, on a daily basis you hear, feel, smell and see things around you, all at the same time. However, casually observing the environment doesn’t qualify as awareness. For instance, you could have looked at your vehicle’s plate number hundreds of times without paying any serious attention to it and that is why you still draw a blank when a police officer asks you on the road.

However, Thus, in order to strengthen your gaming awareness, you need to be really intentional about it — you have to consciously engage your senses at a higher level. You need to train yourself to be observant. This doesn’t happen overnight, but with time, it certainly pays off.

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