Blackjack is a card game that is played in casinos all over the world. The game is played by one dealer and a few players. Blackjack is also known as “twenty one” because the aim of the game is to have cards whose sum is as close to 21 as possible, but not more than 21. If the sum of cards with the dealer or player is above 21, it is known as a bust, in which case, such dealer or player loses automatically.

Just like many other games played nowadays, the history of blackjack cannot be traced to any one point or one particular person. The game is believed to have originated around the 17th century from France, and spread via the exploits of the colonial masters.

The blackjack table is a semi-circle. It consists of one dealer (who shares the cards) and 2-5 players (who receive the cards). The dealer sits at the center of the straight side, while the players sit round the arc. The players all play against the dealer and not against one another. If a dealer or player’s hand is 21 (blackjack) or closest to it (18, 19 or 20), he automatically wins the game, provided no one else has a blackjack.

In this game, an ace can take the value of 11 (soft ace) or 1 (hard ace), depending on which one is more favorable, the number cards (2-10) retain their value and the picture cards (King, Queen and Jack) have the value of ten. So, an ace and a jack would have a value of 11+10 which is 21, giving a black jack. But if a player has a king, a jack and an ace, it would be calculated as 10+10+1, which would still be 21.

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